Fluid Bed Dryer

Fluidized Bed Dryer is essential equipment in which a continuous feed of wet particulate material is dried, cooled by contact with hot or cold air that is blown through to maintain the material in a fluidized state. Fluid bed dryers are often in lined with spray dryer process in two or three stage drying. SVAAR offers fluid bed for food and chemical drying applications. Fluidized bed dryers (FBD) are used extensively for the drying of wet particulate and granular materials that can be fluidized, and even slurries, pastes, and suspensions that can be fluidized in beds of inert solids. They are commonly used in processing many products such as chemicals, carbohydrates, foodstuff, biomaterials, beverage products, ceramics, pharmaceuticals in powder or agglomerated form, healthcare products, pesticides and agrochemicals, dyestuffs and pigments, detergents and surface-active agents, fertilizers, polymer and resins, tannins, products for calcination, combustion, incineration, waste management processes, and environmental protection processes.