Spray Dryer

Spray Drying is a unit process which converts solution, suspension or paste into dried particulate form by spraying the fluid in hot drying medium.

Spray drying may proceed concurrently, counter currently, or as a mixed-flow process. Spray drying can be achieved in stages depending upon the product quality.

The feed is atomized using a rotating wheel or a nozzle, and the spray of droplets immediately comes into contact with a flow of hot drying medium, usually air. Selection of the atomiser is solely dependent on the required final product quality and particle size.

SVAAR offers single, two and three stage dryer. Three stage dryers are often used when the final product agglomeration is required. Spray drying is used to dry pharmaceutical fine chemicals, foods, dairy products, blood plasma, numerous organic and inorganic chemicals, rubber latex, ceramic powders, detergents, and other products.